• Wonderful way to have kids practice their letter and numbers ...
    What a wonderful way to have kids practice their letter and numbers in both Arabic and English all in one book! ...I have tried out many dry erase ``wipeable`` books but this one by far has been of great quality. The book is sturdy, well laminated and the marker works well and wipes away easily without leaving behind marks. My son looks forward to doing his workbook and the dry erase marker makes it more fun for him.
    By farahshouse

    Easy way to learn math facts!!!
    I needed this product for my kids. They struggle with math facts. This is a great tool to use to help them out. Multiplication facts flash cards with rounded corners from 0 - 12 times tables fits comfortably in a pocket, portable during travel...
    This makes it easy and fun for kids to learn the math facts. I would recommend this for children to learn the math facts. I also would recommend this for teachers classrooms...
    By Jennifer

    Perfect for our homeschooling needs
    I needed something to help my son who is in 4th grade with his time tables. We tried flash cards and they ended up bent and some of them lost. This is such a clever idea the Rings keep the times tables all together and I can easily quiz him on his facts over and over again because they are easily wipe able.
    By Joy

    As a homeschool mom I am always looking for new items that will help my children with their schoolwork. My oldest hates math and therefore it has been difficult to get him to be able to work on multiplication, but with these we can do it fairly quick and it is more hands on that regular flash cards.
    By mamatwitch

    My son is left-handed and I was very concerned about...
    I got this book 2 weeks ago for my son who is currently in Kindergarten. He simply loves this book and trace for at least an hour daily. My son is left-handed and I was very concerned about his poor handwriting. Being an active boy with a short attention span, it was hard for him to sit and practice his writing. Now he happily trace for hours. He enjoys the fact that he can now use a dry-erase marker 'like a teacher'. I like the fact that I don't have to buy separate books for him. He can practice both English and Arabic on the same book and use it for years. The quality of the book is very impressive. I am sure my younger son will also use the same book 2-3 years from now. I would recommend this book to all my friends. It makes a perfect gift for all the little kids around us, esp the ones who don't learn Arabic in their schools.
    By Maria

    Math Fact Fun
    As a homeschool mom, these are a great basic math tool. Just making it more fun for kids to work with means they will use them on their own - that's a principle I try to go by. The first day we got these, I came home from work and found my son had memorized the 8 times tables that day on his own. I quizzed him and he had done it! ... This really does work!
    By Galena

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